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Witch Name Divination Kit

by Jayne
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Are you having trouble getting your magic spells “to take?”

No matter what you try, are your magic spells failing you and you just don’t know why?

When practicing magick and casting spells, a vital part to this process is using your Witch Name or secret name. This name may have been assigned to you ,or in one way or another, you have come up with it for yourself.

Whatever magickal way it came about, its aim is to represent your true self allowing you to cast spells more powerfully than before.


Your secret or witch name could actually be blocking your ability to successfully cast magic spells!

The great thing here is that using the art of Numerology, you can test your special name to find out if it is positive or negative when it comes to your magick!

Click below to have a look at the free Witch name Divination Kit. This kit will use numerology to test your current name and if you don’t already have one, it will again use the numbers to suggest one for you!

Check it out now and also claim 2 more magickal free gifts while you are there!

=> Free Witch Name Divination Kit <=

Blessed Be,


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