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Mermaid Spells

by Jayne
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I have been asked a few times about providing mermaid spells.

I must admit, I did not have one either through my own collection or through any of my recommended spell providers so I wanted to delve a bit further.

To learn more and in my hunt for real spells, I searched online and talked to a few people and I must admit that I find these types of spells somewhat misleading and in fact – almost unbelievable (and I don’t mean that in an appreciative way) 🙂

What I do mean is that you sure don’t have to tell me that Wicca and witchcraft is truly amazing and the changes white magick can make in your life when done correctly and when using magic spells that really work are staggering!

However…I personally feel that most of us get the benefit out of magick when we use it to make changes to our vision, the way we see things, the way we feel, to find true happiness with love spells that work, the way we interact with others, the way we protect ourselves from harm or negative energy, the way we take on characteristics of something like in spells to become a vampire, the way we protect others amongst many other reasons.

The key message here is that we mostly use magick especially spells for beginners and intermediate witches to change our state, change our energy and reception of energy and change how the universe “looks out” for us.

The difference I see in Mermaid Spells…

Is every one of the mermaid spells I have been lucky enough to find, talks about (and promises!) to physically transform the receiver actually into a mermaid!

Now first of all, I wonder whether or not that someone would actually want to forever be a mermaid. Sure there might be some perks but having scales and having a tail instead of legs would not be high on many people’s lists! Secondly, all the spells I found pretty much promised a transformation – sometimes almost instantly! These spells also were very short and required mostly no ingredients, objects or special potions other than salt water! I feel that there is just not enough substance in these spells to pull it off, no matter how powerful the witch may be!

At the end of the day, if you are really trying to find mermaid spells I would ask you first if you actually want to transform into a mermaid or perhaps you would like to take on the characteristics of a mermaid – again similar to the vampire spell. As for physically transforming into a mermaid which these spells say you will, I must say that it is unlikely. Here are a few versions of mermaid spells if you still want to have a go…

Mermaid Spells for you to try…

Ensure you are wet either in the shower, the rain or the ocean and then repeat the following verse 11 times.

“Dear God, I will do what you want forever if you please help me grow a pinky shiny shiny tail.”


and this one which actually sounds a little better although it promises to turn you into a mermaid in just one minute!

When casting this spell, you will need your favorite necklace on you and it should be during the full moon.

You need to be wet, the moon has raised and not only must you be able to see the moon, but the moonlight should be shining onto your body.
Magic Spirits of the deep,
I would like a tail,
Not two feet,
Beauty be upon me,
Fish all kinds let me see,
When I’m finished in the sea,
Let my feet return to me.

After one minute you will be come a mermaid when you next touch water!


Look I am not about criticizing other witches spells, I just want us all to remain aware about the true power and use of white magick. In my eyes, mermaid spells that claim to transform the caster into a mermaid is just not going to happen.

I urge you to try and find mermaid spells that copy traits and characteristics of a mermaid instead of one that turns you into a mermaid.

I wish you all the universe has to offer – Jayne – Good luck with your Mermaid spells!

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