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About Magick Power & The Bonuses

by Jayne
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I have recently been asked many questions about the Magick Power course and if it is the real deal? After all, there are so many magic sites and ebooks that promise a lot but deliver only a little – if anything.

The Magick Power 11 module course I am happy to say ticks all the necessary boxes and then offers some great bonuses as well to top it off!

Click here to go to their official site for heaps more detail however this is the basic outline of what you will get…

>Magick can be and should be for everyone and thankfully, this is one of the things they confirm with you right at the start:

The Biggest MYTH is that You Have to Be Gifted,
Chosen, or Practice an Occult System for Years to
Have the Power of the Magick, the Ability to
Define Your Own Destiny!


Through the 11 modules you are shown exactly how this is so. Here are a list of the exciting modules the course takes you through:

1) Introduction
2) The Basics of Magick
3) Advanced Magick
4) Love and Sex Magick – Very interesting!
5) Secret Magick for Personal Magnetism And Success
6) Money And Wealth Magick
7) Magick For Luck
8) Magick For Health
9) Magick For Advanced Protection
10) Magick For Better Relationships
11) Additional Magick Secrets
There is so much info contained in this course, I really urge you to take your time and absorb it all!

Now, about those bonuses as well…

In total, the creators of Magick Power offer you an astounding additional 10 ebooks as added bonuses! They are…

1) A three part series of “Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage”
2) A two part series of “Transcendental Magic”
3) “The Arbatel of Magick”
4) “The Four Books Of Occult Philosophy”

Just these bonuses alone hold hundreds and hundreds of additional magickal pages to further expand your Wicca and Witchcraft knowledge!

Heres just one of the very recent testimonials…

Madara Uchiha 12 December 2011
“Magick Power really surprised me. I believed in magick, but for some stuff I was skeptic, but this book broke all my suspicious. Magick Power really helped me and can help and protect people in them lives also shows that this is magick and now the destructive things we ee in the movies. I also read other books about magick and looking them I could see that Magick Power is useful how for beginner so for already expert and experienced magicians. I’m really glad that destiny brought me to this book because now I can control my destiny. This is my really personal opinion about the book Magick Power.”

Friends, if you have looked at Magick Power before and needed some more time to think about it or if you have never seen Magick Power before and want to learn everything you can about Wicca and witchcraft, I really urge you to take a closer look and see for yourself.

I guarantee you will learn so much about Magick, creating your own destiny and also learning about yourself a whole lot along the way. Click below now to visit!

=> Magick Power Preview <=

Have an amazing 2012!

Blessed Be,

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